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Production Update #1

Hello Backers and followers, and thank you for being with us. 

As our first update of 2019, we just wanted to give you an all round view on our progress so far, in getting TiKA into your hands.  

 It might get a bit detailed, so in a nutshell: we are on schedule and happy to be so.

 Much of the period since the campaign’s end, excluding a well earned season holiday, was spent on logistics, discussions and negotiations with suppliers for raw materials, and manufacturers that could automate some processes.

Thankfully we are happy with how things are going, and even happier that the “brains” of TiKA have arrived:

  We just have one stress test to go, for a little feature. We will share more info about what exactly, if it pans out, or even if it does not. 

As for the building blocks of TiKA, the sticks, we will be receiving the first shipment of raw sticks soon and, if all goes well, we will finalize a deal with our selected manufacturing plant in the upcoming weeks.

We are also testing a few thing we think might improve the experience of building with TiKA.


First we are testing different LED’s to get a bit more light intensity, and secondly we are awaiting for new samples of metal balls and magnets to test if we can grow building capabilities with hollow balls. Its a balancing act between weight and magnetic force. 

In the next period our team will start building the wooden bases, and prepare the way for the concrete pot.

If you have any questions please write them in the comment section,

And if you want an additional add-on to your reward, or if you missed the original campaign, you can still pre-order  your TiKA modular design set here. 


Until our next update, stay productive and unleash your inner designer,

The TiKA Team