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Production Update #2

 As the first month of 2019 draws to a close, we wanted to share our progress so far.

We have received the first shipment of raw wood sticks that we will be turning into TiKA sticks.

Although we have talked with various manufacturers to automate this process, the overall costs of such an outsourcing  are beyond what we had hoped for, so we teamed up with a brilliant engineer from our maker space, that can build us a tool to do exactly what we need.

We have also been testing the electronics, with different LED samples to see how each component reacts under continuous use. So far so good.

We did encounter a little delay, with components like magnets and metal balls, as Chinese factories close to celebrate new year. but we hope the year of the Earth Pig will be an auspicious one, and will help us recover this time.

The rest of the elements are coming together well, with a part of the wooden bases ready for assembly, while continuously building the rest.  We will focus next on starting the production of the concrete pots as well, so all production can be done in parallel.

We will be keeping you updated on our progress on a regular basis, and we are optimistic that, even though we now experience some delays, we will start shipping close to our original plan.

Till our next update, stay creative. and unleash your inner designer.

The TiKA Team