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Production Update #3

We’ve been working on all fronts to bring you TiKA on schedule, but due to circumstances out of our reach, we must admit to a delay of at least one month.

To understand the wait, we want to share with you our exact status. 

The TiKA balls are custom made for us both in size and chemical composition of the metal, to create a more powerful magnetic attraction, and allow for a more stable construction. We also want to see if hollow balls are viable to be used, to reduce overall weight. 


The ceiling base locking system was also defined and refined and tested, and is now in production. 

The wooden bases are finalized, with a few changes to the original prototype, like a side button marked by the TiKA logo. This is mainly for controlling TiKA while the flowerpot is on top, making the central button inaccessible.  

After a prolonged factory holiday, we expect to receive previously ordered samples in about two weeks, when we can perform quality testing, and place the final order.

Due to this we expect delivery to start no earlier than mid-April, and last throughout the month of May.

We apologize, as this was a bad timing decision on our part, but a lesson learned, for our future endeavors involving international suppliers: to better research local customs and holidays during planning. 

But we have kept busy on our part:

The TiKA stick machine,specially built to automate TiKA stick production is days away from being fully operational.