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Production Update #4

Hello TiKA Backers and folowers,

We thank you for your continued interest and support for our project. We are working hard to get TiKA ready for shipping as soon as possible. In spite of encountered delays, we are confident, that we will finish production soon. We are awaiting the magnets and other metal parts, but we have been working on getting everything ready for when they arrive. 

We will refine shipping dates once we receive the parts and have a better estimate. We are still optimistic about starting to ship your kits at the end of this month. You can check out the graphic of the current production stage for each element of the TiKA kit at the end of this update. 

March was mostly about the flowerpot. As we anticipated in our projects risks, we had a bit of a hard time building the mold for it. This was mostly due to its complex form, but also the time required for drying each attempt. Thus after a couple of weeks, and a lot of learning about silicone molds, we finally got it right, and ready for production.