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Production Update #5

Hello TiKA Backers and followers,

We thank you for your continued interest and support for our project. We are working hard to get TiKA ready for shipping as soon as possible. This is a very long update, so please read it till the end. 

To sum up our recent activity, I must tell you we are on the right track, but for the moment some things are delaying us. Therefore I don’t want to predict an exact date for starting the delivery.

Cause we were asked by a super fan of TiKA about the reasons about this delay, here is our answer  Our campaign was more successful than we thought which is awesome! But since the production scale is too big for manual manufacturing (like our initial plan if we have raised 10k) but too small to externalize to any factory, we had to come up with an inventive plan to be able to deliver. So we decided to build our own machines that are cutting the sticks, making holes, inserting the magnets and so on, in order to have our own production line, to be able to scale in the future and to add more features to this modular product.

And making those types of machines is really hard work, requires a lot of studying, but it’s worth it. We are getting closer. On top of that, the imported sub-components come with a lot of paperwork, customs delays, shipping delays, that are not in our control.

 We needed this machine to cut the sticks at the right dimensions. This is really important if you want to build perfect geometrical objects. The five sizes are x=10cm,  x √2, x √3, x √4, x √5.

The almost ready machine to chamfer the sticks and drill the holes. 

Supports for routing the wooden bases.

Making 10 bases in a row. 

The good news is that almost all our imported components arrived in our workshop, after some long papers exchanges that we have to make with the custom officers. 
As a conclusion, we are very optimistic, very keen to deliver a very high quality product and we hope that you and the other backers are with us till the end of this first journey. 

ONE PRIZE and one big selection. 

 Last week,  TiKA was awarded with the special mention of the jury in Smart Design Challengeorganised by Orange and the Romanian design store Dizainăr. We are really happy and thankful for the prize, it gives us strength to work harder. This prize comes after the two prizes (gold and silver) that we won at International Design Awards.
 Here are the other designers and their products competing with us: 

 Thank you for your trust and patience. 
 Florin & a Adrian, co-founders at TiKALab.


Another good news is that we have been selected to show TiKA in the Romanian Design Week event, that will start this week in Bucharest. We are also competing to the best product design of this year in Romania, so keep the fingers crossed for us. 

The exhibition will start Saturday, so if you are in Bucharest, take a look at the oficial site and have a visit.