Start with a wooden base or a concrete flowerpot and build up, down or sideways with sticks and flexible joints. Because TiKA is a modular design kit, all elements are compatible, allowing you to express your imagination by combining all parts into your favorite designs objects.


TiKA has 5 different sized wooden building sticks whose length varies from 10 to 23 cm. The numbers are quite important and carefully calculated so you can build perfect geometrical objects. The sizes are engraved on each stick as follows:  x, x √2, x √3, x √4, x √5. Regardless the size, the sticks can be simple, energy conducting or LED fitted. Depending on the structure you want to build, you can connect the elements into an electrical circuit and light up your design. Each stick has one neodymium magnet inserted at both ends. This feature makes the flexible joints and the connection with the metal spheres possible, bringing TiKA structures to life!

The metal spheres are made of chromed steel and they measure 21mm in diameter. Each sphere can support more than 15 sticks for complex structures.


The wooden bases, either simple or electric, are the main support for you structures. TiKA kits containing LED fitted sticks, will have an electric base included, equipped with two touch sensors with on/off and dimmable functions. The side button marked with the TiKA logo is mainly for controlling the light while a flowerpot is on top, making the central button inaccessible.  

Each base has three magnetic points from which two conduct electricity and are marked with + and -. It’s up to you to discover the best way to light up your structure. Don’t worry about getting it wrong because the base will announce you with a beep if the circuit is not working. All the electronic components are inside the base and all you have to do is plug it in to a power socket.

All the bases and sticks are made of solid beech wood finished with Carnauba natural wax and mineral oil for increased resistance and non-toxic properties


The pots are made of molded concrete and are suited for most types of indoor plants. Out of sticks, you can build up any structure to support and illuminate your growing plant. You can adjust the design at any time. As for any pot without drainage holes, we recommend placing a layer of at least 2 cm of gravel at the base before adding the soil. Doing this will prevent root rot and ensure a happy plant.

Each pot has six metal spheres attached, interconnected in pairs from top to bottom, so the electricity can pass from the wooden base, through the pot, and to the structure above. In addition, in the upper part there are three special hanging hooks, so that the flowerpot can be hung by the ceiling mounting system.


The ceiling base will help you create a pendant lamp, a hanging plant structure or both. The bases have similar properties to the electric table ones, using the same material, finishes and electric properties. With a simple twist and click metal holder, each base can be easily fixed in place. Once the base is installed you can adjust the light from the wall switch in your room. The steel cables are then fastened to the hooks in the flowerpots, sustaining your TiKA creation.