Unleash your inner designer using TIKA – the modular building set that will revolutionize playing, learning, designing and prototyping.

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Community favorite designs but the best is yet to come!

Green Architecture

Growing Structure Flower Pot

Light Shell

Minimalistic Ambiental Lamp


Hanging Structure Flower Pot

With TIKA kits you can create an unlimited number of lamps and complex structures for your plants. Start with the wooden base or the concrete flower pot and build up, down or sideways with sticks and flexible joints. Because it’s a modular building kit, all elements are compatible, allowing you to express your imagination by combining our innovative set with your favorite plants and ideas. TIKA’s adaptable design fits any space: your living room, above your dinning table, in your office, balcony, shop or showroom. The possibilities are endless! Get TIKA, unleash your inner designer and pimp your crib! You’ll have fun, we promise!

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